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Villa Flavia  is a sophisticated, unique and cozy B&B Mediterranean design.  What you get here is a stylish and private getaway. Villa Flavia has been transformed into an up to date charming house mixing the old with new design, family pieces from years past with vanguard gadgets. This is especially so in the bedrooms, where contemporary comforts and tastes mix with Sicilian antiques and artefacts.


  • Stunning oceanview 

  • 50 steps to the beach

  • Outdoor shower, pool and solarium

  • WiFi, & more

  • Continental and English Breakfast

Villa Flavia
Villa Flavia Eco B&B
Villa Flavia
Villa Flavia
THE BEACH, Mongerbino and 
Santa Flavia

Nestled in the province of Palermo, lies the lively rock of Moncerbino, Santa Flavia. Situated just 19 kilometres to the east of Palermo, Santa Flavia is well connected to the city thanks to the Messina-Palermo train line, Santa Flavia is a popular destination for those visitors who wish to cut down on travelling times to and from the airport or enjoy easy access to other sites of interest around Sicily without choosing a base in a bigger and crowded city. 


In Sicily, landscape and beauty go hand in hand to create the right balance between harmony and happiness. The landscape beauty is both enriching and enlightening, allowing visitors to experience the best quality of life both on a personal and social level. This is the reason why every year so many people buy an house  in Sicily. Every corner of Sicily has an exciting story to tell, as well as places worth making stories. It is the Mediterranean’s precious jewel anyway as well as Italy’s key to everything. Hence, travellers and locals adore its charm that speaks to the soul. The mild climate that draws many to love it even more. Sicily leaves a lasting impression that you would like to understand further and revisit as often as possible.

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